The ultimate live chat customer support plugin for WordPress

With QnAChat, you can provide real-time assistance to your website visitors, ensuring exceptional customer support and engagement. Let’s explore the features that make QnAChat the perfect solution for your customer service needs.

Live Chat Widget

Engage with your users and provide immediate assistance through a chat widget displayed on the front end of your website. The chat widget allows users to interact with your customer support team seamlessly, ensuring a smooth and efficient communication channel.

Tag-Based Questions

QnAChat simplifies the support process by allowing users to select tags related to their questions. These tags generate a list of related questions inside the chat, providing users with quick answers and reducing response time.

User Messages

Users can send messages directly to your customer support team, enabling personalized and real-time conversations. Your team can promptly respond to user queries, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

Conversation Management

Efficiently manage conversations through the dedicated admin dashboard. With the conversation management feature, you can perform actions such as blocking users, deleting messages, adding tags, adding notices, and requesting user information, all from one centralized location.

Availability Scheduling

Set the availability schedule to define when the “Online” status should be displayed on the chat widget. This ensures that your customers know when your customer support team is actively available for assistance.

Offline Mode

During times when your customer support team is not available, you can hide the “Online” status from the chat widget. This feature prevents users from initiating chat conversations when your team is unavailable, managing user expectations effectively.

Enable for Guests

Extend the live chat functionality to unregistered users. By enabling the chat feature for guests, you ensure that all visitors, regardless of their registration status, have access to real-time support.

Auto User Info Insertion

Enhance the user experience by automatically updating user information with submitted data. This feature provides a personalized touch and enables your support team to better assist users based on their relevant details.

Chat Widget Customization

Customize the appearance of the chat widget to match your website’s design and branding. QnAChat allows you to customize the chat widget’s theme color, icon, icon size, and position, giving you full control over its visual representation.

Auto Request Info

Improve the quality of assistance by requesting user information before starting a conversation. This feature allows your support team to gather necessary details upfront, enabling them to provide tailored and efficient support.

Exclude Registered Users

If needed, exclude registered users from providing additional information. This feature allows registered users to skip the info request process, streamlining their support experience.

E-mail Notifications

Stay updated on new conversations with e-mail notifications. QnAChat sends you notifications whenever a new conversation is initiated, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity to assist your customers.

Disable Chat Widget

Temporarily hide the chat widget without deactivating the plugin. This feature allows you to manage the visibility of the chat widget while retaining all your settings and configurations.


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